Lyv believes that Jordan deserves a professional real estate solution customized to our needs. 

But we all faced issues with our properties begging the following question,

Having trouble advertising?

Using Facebook is becoming costly & affects our privacy. We are not getting the proper organic reach and if we do we; are we reaching the right people or ending up with much irrelevant comments.

We also might be tired of having to pay to feature our properties. Even if we do, some users are shying away from featured ads.

How about using the physical banner? Regardless how ugly and big they may look, people could still miss it. Not to mention affecting the property privacy espcially how long the banner is displayed in the current market downturn.

It could also fall and cause damage to other properties and people. Plus the damage on the environment and blockages to our sewerage system.


You also want to target the right people regardless of their language. Get them to contact you, inspect your  property, and close the deal. If not, to at least know what happened! 

Real Estate done right

We speak your language, most importantly we speak the universal real estate language. A professional team with a professional solution targeted for people like you and your customers. No more, no less. 

We are reaching out to customers inside and outside Jordan and making your property available to them regardless where they are, and what they speak.

You can upload images of your property in addition to videos and 360 photos.

Let us know also if you need Virtual Tour service in order to give your clients a better idea of your property wherever they are.

They can now contact you directly, without any commissions from us via your primary phone, secondary phone, Whatsapp or our private in-app chat services.

Every property is a Star

We display all properties on a map using our smart algorithms to showcase all properties equally. We want your customer to find you because you have what they need not because you got featured. 


Your customer will see your property in all its details and only call you for serious inquires.

Hunting is a human instinct

Humans will hunt because its a human instinct to try and find the best possible deal.

Your customers will search for you from their comforts of their homes on our app. But we all know that at some stage they have to go on the ground to search and compare. Its real estate after all, and every street is different on reality!

You thought your physical banner will find them? What if they miss your street? What if your banner can't display all the info you need and you get irrelevant inquires?

Customers on Lyv can set their filters on the app. Drive around and get a notification from your property from across the street or corner. They will receive all your property details and call you because we matched you correctly.

Image by Nas Mato

With us you could lease your Room, Serviced Apartment, Apartments, Studio, Rooftop, Villa, Farm,  an entire Building or Land.

You can list your proposed duration and separate prices on Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily basis or All periods. 

Now you are getting quality inquiries only.


Lose a good deal?

So we got your customers to inspect your property. For some reason they don't call back. It could the large market supply and high competition in current Jordanian real estate market. It could also be an issue in your property that you might not be aware of.

On Lyv your customers can send you private feedback on specific issues they didn't like. We will build this info for you in statistics . Maybe 10 people complained about the paint or decoration vs 2 complaining about price. Now you have the correct info to make the correct changes and decisions.


Lyv users can currently list of Free an unlimited amount of properties whether for Sale or Rent