Lyv is a pioneering Jordanian concept & first of its kind..
This story is applicable to both Expats and Locals alike..
One of the crucial issues I faced when I arrived in Jordan was finding a place to live and call home. Like everywhere else, location is the most important factor when choosing a property.

Property hunting redefined

Lyv is a Smart Real-Estate Matching Solution. Addressing street banners and the fact that there is no substitute for the frustrating task of going on the ground to search for our dream property!

Lyv does this by allowing users to get notifications from nearby properties with all their details.

Lyv sends you an alert with all the details as soon as you pass by a property that matches your preferences.

So, whether you are property hunting, driving to work or going for dinner at night with friends, you could get alerted for that dream property you are after.

Plus imagine how clean Amman and the rest of cities would look without all those unsightly and mostly dangerous banners!

Location, Location, Location

Other than the lack of platforms that provide a user-friendly map, I realized that Jordanians tend to advertise their homes through street banners. Therefore, most people drive around the block trying to gaze at banners, stop, note the number or take a photo and drive on.

Let alone the frustration of having to do all of this, the chance of having an accident, neglecting a corner that could have your perfect property, or missing properties that don't have a banner for privacy concerns. You end up calling and the specs aren’t what you are after!

Area Names?

As an expat or local, you don’t necessarily know the exact suburb names. A property could be on the borders of Sweifyah & Abdoun for example. Plus, imagine the different spelling combinations for Sweifyah if you are to search for it by its name.

Lyv is not only placing properties on a map but also integrating Google. So, you only need to search for your office name or favorite restaurant you want to live near to and voilà you can see properties available around there.


Language barriers are another issue I faced as a non-Arabic speaker. Most ads didn’t have all the property details translated into English.

Lyv asks the advertiser for several details in few simple steps, and automatically make them available in both Arabic & English.

The filters are so comprehensive that you can even choose whether you want an American style/open kitchen or an eco-friendly home.

Image by Benziad

Another major issue was whether the lease is on a monthly or yearly basis. Most ads don’t specify this well & you end up running in circles.

On Lyv, the advertiser has the option to list their properties on Yearly, Monthly, Weekly and/or Daily basis alongside its applicable prices. This way you can filter according to your needs & budget.


One more issue I found is that most property ads I noticed were paid-for ads on top of the list. Therefore, there was a big chance I could miss out on a property that is buried all the way down the list.

Lyv is treating every property as a star. So, you can now filter properties according to your needs and not how they are featured!


Featured ads!


Now when I do find a place to inspect, I’m surprised by issues and problems that should have been so clear to the property owner. However, most property owners here or abroad are not aware of their property issues. For the mere fact, it’s been like this for a while, the human eye just got used to it, or no one actually alerted them to it.

Lyv has a cool feature that allows you to send a feedback form to the advertiser with the issues you faced.

This gives you an online-to-offline channel to allow the advertiser to fix those issues and negotiate a deal!


Lyv has already teamed up with most prominent Real Estate developers in Jordan such as Damac, Campbell Gray Living, Eagle Hills, Al Khatib, Al Hussaini and big list of developers, banks, agents, and private owners.

It’s also testing a hidden property feature to cater to advertisers who want the privacy of not showing their property on a map and therefore increase available options to its users.