Real Estate & COVID19

Updated: Jun 26

Lyv is with you

We know right now things may seem uncertain in the real-estate sector, but we are here to help. 

We also know this sector will remain a safe haven in tough times similar to gold.

We advice you in the time being to:

  • Review & update you listed or favorite properties on Lyv 

  • Expand your network; connect with developers, customers & agents on a local and global scale as your business operates more online

  • Get direct messages from peers and instant notifications while working more remote

  • Use online resources to stay on top of new opportunities through referrals and listings

  • Be a part of the conversation and seize the opportunity to share, learn and support with your real-estate community

We will remain in contact with you by email as we have been via our social media channels.

Those times will pace soon, meanwhile, stay safe & take care of your loved ones,

Much love


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